All these images have been created digitally. Nothing is real!

"PHOTOS FROM THE MIND" - A unique way of viewing Art


This is only one view of any of these images.

They are totally 3D and can be viewed from any angle, with any change of lighting or camera focal length   - for an extra fee - please contact me

Using 3D computer modelling, lighting and virtual sets, it's possible to create anything you can imagine with your mind.

A2 size print measures 420 x 594mm, (16.53 x 23.39 inches) - A$500, A1 size print measures 594 x 841mm, (23.39 x 33.11 inches) - A$750.  

A0 measures 841mm x 1189 (33.1 x 46.8 inches) - A$850.00

To purchase an item just click on the link below to send me an email.